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Lose Weight with Mediterranean Diet Plan

A Mediterranean diet plan may be the ideal tool for you to help with weight loss. Losing weight has always been a problem for women in our society. There are people who simply can’t seem to shed all, or for some ladies even some, of their excess fat. Because of the continual high demand for new and varied ways to become healthier, several diet plans have been created by fitness experts and doctors alike. One of these plans launching into prominence is called the Mediterranean diet plan. Sounds exotic doesn’t it? The question now is, what makes this plan different from the rest of the advertised weight lose techniques in the market today? Is it any different to the myriad of diet plans on offer? What reason is there for you to choose this over the rest?

Users and experts of the Mediterranean diet plan have described this diet as more of a “lifestyle change” rather than a diet. Ladies this alone can make a difference as it removes the psychological responses to being “on a diet” and the feelings of deprivation that so often follow. The difference is that you don’t necessarily starve yourself like in most other diets to reduce your weight. On the contrary, eating is actually encouraged. It is not about restrictions or deprivations which is why it is becoming quite popular. Thankfully. it doesn’t require a college degree in mathematics required by so many modern day diets to count the carbohydrates, calories and fats that you eat. What this plan promotes is the healthy consumption of foods.

The health benefits of this diet plan mainly stems from the fact that it was created by studying the eating habits of locals from countries with high life expectancy. These countries included Spain, Lebanon, Israel, Greece, Turkey and France. Based from the name of this diet, the study was conducted in the Mediterranean. A diet plan was then created using the findings of the research and this was the result.


The Mediterranean diet plan mainly consists of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. This is an important component in any person’s diet because it helps clean out the body of irregularities and unwanted fat. It takes away all the harmful elements currently in your digestive system that you wouldn’t want your body to absorb, which includes fats. Another vital component of this diet is fish. This is where you get your protein and fat from. Fish fat has been known to be good for your body and even helps keep your heart beating healthily. Olives and olive oil are also key components to this diet.

The benefits stemming out of using this diet plan includes weight loss (particularly tummy fat), lower blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular diseases including heart disease and strokes as well as regulating blood sugar levels. Of course as with any healthy eating plan, it is recommended that physical movement be a part of everyday in some form.

When it comes to the Mediterranean diet plan, you don’t have to starve or punish yourself by not eating. All you have to do is to eat the right foods and you will be healthier than before.

Diet Basics

Few things are as vital to all aspects of health as diet. While diet can be a means of reducing weight, it is also a sustainable method to keep all body systems healthy and running as they should. A healthy diet can assist in preventing unnecessary weight gain while ensuring the body gets the nutrients it needs to stay focused, energized, and feeling healthy. There are many aspects to a healthy diet and the methodology is different for different people. While there are a number of basic guidelines that just about anyone can follow, only a registered doctor or nutritionist can provide information regarding the exact foods you should be consuming and in what quantities to achieve the best guidance in respect to your personal metabolism and body type.

Our diet, while a factor in our weight, is far more than just a weight management system. Diet contributes to cardiovascular health, respiratory health, and even mental health. Consuming the incorrect foods, on top of causing weight gain, can cause sluggishness and lethargy, potentially leading to a host of physical and emotional problems. Plus, including only processed and refined foods in your diet can increase toxin buildup in the body, negatively impacting the liver and kidneys and even messing with the overall mood. This is one of the reasons why many physicians suggest that their patients make dietary changes if they are experiencing depression and anxiety. While many people assume liquid has minimal impact on their diet, this is in fact untrue. Failure to drink enough water is a problem that can lead to poor metabolism, toxin accumulations and even mood problems. Hydration is the key factor for keeping digestive and urinary systems working as effectively as possible, while assisting blood in the body to flow and carry oxygen more efficiently. Please note, on top of the recommended eight glasses per day of water, a person should add a glass for every caffeinated or alcoholic beverage they consume throughout the day. This will aid in hydration as well as maximizing the metabolism of both toxins and vitamins.

Diet is a controllable factor that we can use to stay physically and emotionally healthy. By choosing to effectively manage our diet, this can help keep the body and all of its intricate systems in perfect working order, while also aiding us with controlling our weight. Diet is most effective when combined with a healthy exercise plan, however for those who are find themselves unable to exercise, a proper diet can still be highly beneficial in improving your physical and mental wellbeing, especially when used in conjunction with correct hydration and adequate vitamin intake.

New Years False Promises…

Ok, it is getting close to that time of the year when we impulsively decide to set crazy and unrealistic goals that we have no intention of following through with….

Is this you?


Let’s make a new commitment this year…

No bull#*$ goals that you have not intention of following through with!!

So, what is the alternative?
Let’s refuse to set our goals for the new year until we are at least 7 days into it. The festive season is exactly that, a time to be enjoyed! Why put pressure on yourself by setting goals which you know you are going to fail, forcing you to beat yourself up for failing (EVEN THOUGHT YOU KNEW THIS WAS THE MOST LIKELY OUTCOME).

Who made the crazy rule that we need to start New Year’s Resolution’s on the first day of the New Year anyway!

The best way to counteract this, and still set a realistic and achievable goal, is to take an honest look at your plans for the holiday season. If you are going to be away on vacation until the end of January, it is wiser to set the starting date for your commitments once this holiday period is over.

While you may find this advice goes against just about everything you have read, the key to your success is setting a goal that your mind can believe. Setting a goal that starts in February when you know you are away on holidays for all of January sets a far more achievable plan than starting on 1 January of the new year.

Don’t get caught up in the hype of setting goals just because it is a new calendar year. Set goals that are in a realistic time frame for your personal situation.

Your weight loss plan is all about you.

Your needs, and the habits you need to break or create, are all that matters – the date on a calendar is irrelevant.

Please note, if you are hell bent on starting your goals as at 1 January, this is ok too! There is nothing stopping you from doing this and there is certainly nothing wrong with it. All we are suggesting is that your goals should be driven from within, not the numbers on a calendar.

Suggestion 2 is to start small.


If your overarching goal is to lose 50 pounds, chunk it down.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!

So how do you lose a large amount of weight?

One pound or kilogram at a time!


For example, if your ultimate goal is to lose 50 pounds, then make your initial goal to lose 10 pounds and commit to doing so in a specific period of time. This doesn’t mean that you stop striving for your main goal, it simply means that you put all your attention and effort into the first short term goal

Success in your first short term goal will give you the momentum to forge ahead and achieve your ultimate goal. While setting a huge goal and achieving it can be exhilarating, setting up regular bite size goals that are achievable and lead up to your ultimate goal can increase your chance of success exponentially!

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